Tuesday Keynote: Wannes De Smet

8:30 AM–9:00 AM on Tuesday, Jul 9, 2013


Speaker Bio:

Wannes is an Applied IT researcher at Sizing Servers. He improves server and data center efficiency by researching ways to make current infrastructure perform better using less power. Working with industry leaders and hot startups, he reviews next-gen hardware and formulates advise towards small and enterprise customers. Wannes also is a virtualisation expert with a strong programming background.


Title: Reviewing the first enterprise-class ARM server



Last year a lot of hype started building around ARM servers, garnering interest from the Sizing Servers lab to determine how well these ARM CPUs actually perform. Testing was performed on the first real ARM server, from Calxeda, to gauge its processing power and power efficiency during standard intrinsic benchmarks as well as realistic workloads. Besides benchmarking we provided a brief introduction to the hardware itself and the management software used to for the Calxeda EnergyCore. You can read our full review at Anandtech [http://www.anandtech.com/show/6757/calxedas-arm-server-tested].  


This session will provide some insight in our benchmarking process and the advanced software stresstest tool we use at Sizing Servers, along with a description of the Boston/Calxeda hardware and our results.  


Live Stream Link - https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cn6pjbn7de9eunrf12d15ond2so

Link to Slides - http://www.linaro.org/documents/download/69024f5c6739ed95da261f9f98eb347e51dbc61c56634


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