Multi-Node Testing: LNG - Use Cases

10:00 AM–10:45 AM on Friday, Jul 12, 2013


A review of how LAVA Multi-Node can be used to meet the needs of LNG. Focusing on variants to the common use case where a heterogeneous network topology is assumed, and additional spurious traffic on a link under test can be tolerated.

Networking testing and benchmarking needs flexible and exclusive/dedicated connections between development boards:  An advanced use-case for IPSec, where a packet generator is connected to, and sends cleartext traffic to a board ("left/encryptor"), which in turn encrypts and forwards the traffic to another board ("right/decryptor") that then decrypts and forwards traffic back to the packet generator, acting as a sink (packet counter), is presented.  A discussion follows on what LAVA changes are necessary to achieve this.


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