Join us for beer and pizza in the Lansdowne room at 6.00pm on Wednesday. Teams can work on their individual projects and/or contribute ideas to an informal seesion led by Jon "maddog" Hall, President, Linux International. 

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Abstract to be introduced by maddog: There are approximately 1400 modules in GNU/Linux that contain ARM assembly language.  In an effort to port these modules to 64-bit architecture it was suggested that the Linux community might be willing to help.

In pursuing this course it was recognized that some of these modules had not had active work done on them in a long time, and in the meantime memories have become cheaper, CPUs much faster and compilers better at optimization, with more switches.  In many of these modules it may be wise to create an intrinsic for the task, or to convert the assembly into a high level language, or perhaps use a different algorithm altogether to get performance improvements.

A preliminary plan for engaging the GNU/Linux community has been created and Linaro would like to present this preliminary plan to some of its members, after which brainstorming and discussion will occur on how to best improve and implement the plan.

There will be an additional, more formal, session on this topic on Friday: